Staccato P

The Staccato P is a 9mm double stack 1911 built with race gun heritage, but approved for duty use by many agencies. It's also flat-out badass.

Staccato P

Flat out badass, or at least we think so. The Staccato line-up of pistols is built with race gun heritage, but duty gun reliability. Staccato (formerly STI) has been revolutionizing the competition shooting industry for over 25 years and it shows in every one of their firearms.

The Staccato line of firearms are what's being referred to as 2011 by Staccato. This means its a 1911 frame but is chambered in 9mm and features double stack magazines, which we are quite fond of. While traditional 1911's chambered in 45 typically can accommodate 7 or 8 rounds, the Staccato P comfortable fits 17 rounds. A small 1" magazine extension will all you to carry up to 21 rounds. We won't dive into the caliber discussion, we will say we always enjoy more rounds.

With all that said, the Staccato P isn't cheap and we don't think it should be. This is a firearm that will last generations and will function flawless for its entire life. Plus, it is down right a gorgeous fine of finely crafted machinery that we can't stop staring at.

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