Olight Baldr Pro R

Olight Baldr Pro R

The Baldr Pro R is an all new designed weapon light and laser from Olight. Its a stupid name, we agree but don't let the name fool you, this light is surprisingly good.

We recently reviewed the Baldr S, which is the compact version of this light and rated it well considering its price point. The new Baldr Pro R is the latest iteration of the Baldr Pro that was released in 2019. The Pro R is a weapon light with an integrated green laser. The previous version looked like someone glued a laser pointer to the bottom of a weapon light; it was just ugly.

The overall construction and packaging of the Pro R is top notch. The weapon light is mounted using a lever retention system which we're on the fence about. The lever and mounting retention is excellent. It provides significant mounting retention and doesn't require a tool or coin like other lights. Where it falls short is that the rail system and how it interfaces with the firearm. The female rails on the weapon light aren't very proud, so getting it mated to the firearm sometime takes a bit of finesse. Additionally, you can switch out the Glock mounts for a standard 1913 Picatinny rail adapter.

The new Baldr Pro R takes on a new chassis that integrates the laser into the body of the light. The Baldr Pro R features the same rundown light output levels as we saw in the Baldr S. Basically, you will get about 2 minutes of the full 1350 lumens before the light backs down to 500 lumens. At 500 lumens you'll get another 40 minutes of runtime before it backs down to 300 lumens for the remaining 10 minutes of runtime. We suspect this is due to overheating issues if it were to run at a full 1350 lumens for any longer time. At it lowest setting without the laser enabled you can expect about 100 minutes of constant runtime.

Outside of the light output, the Baldr Pro R's button interface is extremely ergonomic and ambidextrous. The Pro R buttons fit nicely on the fingertip and can be held for momentary activation, or pressed once for constant light. It just worked really well. We've had other weapon lights with rubber round buttons or slider type activation methods and they just don't give you that positive engagement. While these seems like it would be primary used on pistols, there is an optional remote pressure switch cable that can be purchased so you can run this light on longer platforms. Overall, the Pro R leaves nothing to be desired in the activation department.

The Pro R is a rechargeable light that uses Olights clever magnetic charger system. The charger just magnets directly to the bottom of the light and can quickly be removed, similar to an Apple Mag Charger. No need to worry about plugs getting ripped off in the socket. It is a unique cable so be careful to not lose it, its probably safe to order a spare.  

The Bladr Pro R comes in at an extremely affordable $169 directly from OlightStore. We received this light free directly from Olight but we wouldn't hesitate to order more of these lights. This light may not come with the heritage of the big name manufactures in the industry, but you will get an extremely well performing product for a budget-friendly price.